From Dress to Top

A while back I found this really cute tunic dress from Forever 21 but like most items from Forever 21 they are SUPER short but a great price. My mom suggested I shorten the dress and turn it into a top. So I did! I love the way it turned out. I provided the steps below for you…just in case you spy a dress you love that is too short.

step 1

turn the dress inside out on a large surface.


step 2

decide on the new length. I used a t-shirt that I knew I liked the length of. just make sure you line up the shoulder seams of both items. then add an inch to the bottom. mark.


step 3

continue to mark with a  water soluble fabric pencil and seam gauge. adjust your seam gauge to match your desired length. then use the bottom seam gauge to make your marks, moving the tip along the original dress seam. you always want to use the bottom seam because you don’t know if the dress’ seam is truly straight.


step 4

once you have finished marking the dress, using a ruler and rotary cutter cut off the excess.


step 5

move the seam gauge marker to 1/2 inch, then fold up the bottom edge, pin. continue until you have made your way around the entire dress. take it to your sewing machine and sew a straight stitch around the entire dress. *tip: if you pin your pins up and down or vertically you should be able to sew across them without breaking your needle or removing the pins.


step 6

remove the pins, iron, and wear!





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