Sarah, Adam, AJ and Cousins, Oh My!

In April I was able to take family photos for my friend Sarah and her family. You may remember them from here, here, or here. This time Sarah convinced her beautiful sister Rachel that I was worth the 20+ hours drive to Phoenix to have her family photos taken. Bah! Just kidding! Really, Rachel was in town for a visit with Sarah not just for a Saundra photo shoot! This was my first photo session with 8 people. Each time I have a session I learn something new. I still feel like posing is one of the hardest things to get right. I think we did pretty good for first timers. Here is Sarah’s shoot with some group shots mixed in. I will post Rachel’s pics in a post all her own. I mean, she did drive 20+ hours, it’s the least I can do. Right?!

family pm

cousins pm

family 2 pm

mom aj pm

group 2 bw 2 pm

group 2 bw pm

group pm





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