Boys Will Be Boys – Photo Shoot

My life has been a crazy whirlwind of exams, applications, recommendation letters, volunteering, plus all the regular life responsibility, so blog posts have taken a back seat. Here are some of the fun photos I captured of my 5 handsome nephews back in December. Each one handsome, unique, and full of energy. I just love their faces to pieces and wish I was able to see them every single day.  I hope their smiles brighten your day!

First up we have, #5,  Little D, AKA Red Super Hero! He is the babe of the group and is the great neutralizer… everyone loves him! He loves to share his big and little eyes and many, many faces. He is a character!



Daniel stand blue shed pm

Next we have #4, R, who is the quietest little monkey, he loves to be outside exploring and loves, loves, loves his dog (even if she has to live at grandpa’s because she is too crazy). But watch out – he may be a secret Ninja!


ry guy

high kick ry

And next, #3, my crazy hair soul mate! He has sweet and loving nature. Though he suffers the pains of being #3 (don’t worry I understand) which may bring out the fighter side, he is full of smiles and hugs and lights up the room!

thomas pm

And then there is #2, our handsome S, with his ever so vivid imagination! He is full of big ideas with his drawing, building, and dreaming. And doesn’t his hair look handsome?!

sam 2 pm

sam bw pm

And lastly, #1, big W. Full of smarts and maturity beyond his years, this kid is the strong leader of the bunch. And is a master at whatever he decides to do. And plus, he has the best freckles on the planet! And such a great smile!

william pm

william bw pm

And when you put #3, #1, #4, #2, and #5 together in one shot, well, hilarious things happen…like your dog walks through, and you find yourself rolling in laughter. Because, what’s funnier than your dog photobombing your group shot?!


group laugh collage

group pm

I love this group of future leaders. I am proud to know and love them. They are truly a blessing to our family.



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