The Unexpected

I was talking to my sister-in-law one day about someone I loved having cancer and she said, “I hate cancer”. Her words have stuck with me. I hate cancer, too. Cancer does not discriminate. Cancer doesn’t care who you are, what you know, who you love. Cancer is an equal opportunity destroyer. But the weird thing about cancer is it teaches us to fight, to survive. Sometimes the battle is long and hard and sometimes short and sorrow filled with its wake of change wide and long lasting.

But we find hope.

We fight.

We survive.


The same is true with death. We never know how long our mortal journey will be. We do not know when the Lord will need us more on His side.


Death stops us where we stand.

It forces us to stop.

It forces us to reflect.


But why is it so destructive? Why is it so personal?


In trying to answer the question of why the monster of death has been released into so many lives I am reminded of my knowledge of this earthly life. I know we lived before we came to this earth. We knew we would have battles during our earthly life, battles of our physical bodies. We knew we would be subjected to its limitations. We knew our body would one day be overcome. We still choose to come to this earth, to be born, to fight and to return.


We came for the experience.

We came for the love.

We came for the joy.

We came for the sorrow.

It was our choice.


For me death brings me closer to God. My prayers are more sincere, my heart is more reliant, and my soul is humbled. I know loss is not something I can survive on my own. I know I need the Lord’s strength, His comfort, and His power.


I hate death. But through sorrow hearts are softened, long broken fences are mended, strength is united, peace is found.


Hope is born.

Pride is lost.


And somehow, some way we survive the grief, the pain, and the sorrow.


We laugh again.

We hope again.

We continue to fight.



So to my Aunt Susan the fierce, natural born fighter you will survive.

To my cousins Russell, Bradley, Kristi, Nathan, Beverlee, Preston, Cameron, Garrett, Kimberlee, and Jennie you will survive you were born and raised by a fierce, natural born fighter.

To my Dad and Mom you to will survive.

The Lord will carry you. The atonement will heal your hearts.

To my Uncle Dan we miss you already. But…

We will laugh.

We will have hope.

We will find the strength.

We will find the joy.

We will meet again.


Dan was rear ended by another driver on his way home on Friday night. His injuries were too severe for him to survive.



2 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. Beth says:

    Your thoughts and words are beautifully expressed, thank you for the reminder, your testimony and living your life faithfully!

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