Flagstaff Photo Shoot

Flagstaff family photos

The funny thing about taking all these different family photos is that last year I had made a decision to not take anyone’s family photos. I just had too much going on and I think I mentioned before that I really don’t do very well with stress. Well what do you know, either I had told my friends I would take their pictures before making that decision or the timing just worked out perfectly to do them.

This family in particular are one of those families that it just worked out. They live in Flagstaff and I already had plans to drive to Albuquerque last November. I decided to drive through Flagstaff up the 40 and we just met up at a park to take these and then the kids and I continued on our way. What you can’t really tell from these pictures is that it was 31 degrees and super windy. We were all so cold. My poor little Phoenix babies had no hats, no gloves, and no coats. Luckily I had a blanket in the car because I tucked them in all tight in their stroller and pushed them around with me. This little guy in these pictures was such a trooper but his little lips were turning purple so we had to take a few pictures really fast and then get him bundled back up and moving to warm him up. I met this mom at the mall a couple of years ago and was so sad when her family moved up north. Hopefully I will see them again soon!

Flagstaff family photos Flagstaff family photos Flagstaff family photos  Flagstaff family photos

The other funny thing is that I took and edited these pictures last November and I’m looking at them and critiquing them so differently now almost 4 months later. I guess that’s what makes photography fun is that there’s no right or wrong way to do something. It’s such a process and a journey and I hope it never ends!



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