It’s me again

Capture Sunshine

Hi bloggity friends. Ashleigh here. I haven’t posted for a few months, well since mid November to be exact. Words haven’t come very easily for me. I lost my aunt in September due to complications of a heart transplant. I lost my grandma in December after she fell down and hit her head. I lost my mom two days later due to metastasized breast cancer. To say blogging hasn’t been a priority is a bit of an understatement. 2014 was a rough year. I’m still recovering from it. You know that quote that goes something like this, “be kind to everyone because you never know what battle they’re fighting”? I feel like that’s me. I can put on a happy face when I get out of the house and my two kids are really distracting, but really I miss my mom every day. I’m slowly adjusting to not being able to call or text her, but it’s not a adjustment I want to make, just one I have to make.

Photography for me is a good escape. It’s something that I love and am passionate about. It’s something that I have fun doing and that distracts me from myself. I typically just take pictures for my friends because there’s no pressure. I think any type of art is a good escape as long as it’s fun and enjoyable. I’m not super confident in my picture taking abilities and so I get stressed when I take pictures for people I don’t know. I also always have my kids with me and by taking pictures for friends they never care when my kids are tagging along.

Even though I’ve been silent on the blog, I have been taking pictures. It’s been a great excuse to see friends as well as take the time to work on my photography and “escape” my sadness. For now on this blog I will just be sharing some of my photography with you. That may change as the year progresses, but I have to start somewhere right?!? They’re not perfect and they’re not professional, but they are people I know and love dearly which is ultimately all that matters. Slowly I’m figuring out that my passion is in children’s photography. I’ve dabbled in some different areas, but it’s the kids I’m passionate about. It’s exciting to me to find something that I love because now I can focus more time and energy on that. I’m in contact with kids every day (two in particular every second) and I’m excited to see where this takes me.

Anywho, thanks for sticking around. A big thank you to Saundra for always giving me the extra bit of love and support that I need. And although it’s already past mid February let’s make this a fantastic year of becoming better people as a whole.



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