Football Portraits

Remember last month when I took some pictures for a fundraiser for a friend diagnosed with cancer? A month later I finally shot the last session. There was a bit of a scheduling conflict with when I was available and when this football player could take his uniform home. Alas, we finally were able to get together and get some pictures. Taking pictures for him brought back so many memories of football in high school. When I was a freshman my brother was on the varsity team and I was a cheerleader for the freshman team (I don’t admit that often so you can just forget I said anything now). Anyway, I only say that because every Saturday in the fall was spent at the high school football field. Fun times! Now I’m getting all nostalgic (this one time a cheerleader fell on my head during a stunt and I had to get checked out by the football team trainer in the middle of a game on the sideline- so embarrassing). Here are a few photos from our shoot.

Football Portraits | Capture Sunshine Football Portraits | Capture Sunshine


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