Roxie’s Favorite Apps

Roxie's Favorite Apps | Capture Sunshine

My two year old Roxie plays with my phone more than I’d like to admit. Let’s be honest here though, it distracts her in the grocery store so she doesn’t eat all the food in the cart, if I need ten minutes without her hitting her brother I can give her the phone, and sometimes I just like it when she cuddles up next to me with my phone because I love cuddling her and she doesn’t always like cuddling back.

Roxie has four go-to apps that she always goes back to. Before we get into them I must tell you a few things about Roxie. She loves challenges, she loves puzzles, and she loves doing art. She’s not your typical two year old (officially two and a half last week). She could count to ten in English and Spanish and she knew all her letter names and sounds before she learned to talk. She sees challenges and she doesn’t quit until she has figured it out. She loves organizing, sorting, and learning.

That being said, here are her four favorite apps, in no particular order.

Alphabet Aquarium School Adventure. Four puzzles per letter to help her learn the letters and words that begin with that letter. This was her favorite app for a long time, but she’s getting a little too advanced for it now…lol.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Rox loves to help Daniel the Tiger with his daily routines.

The Wheels on the Bus. If I had to pick a favorite for Roxie this would be it. It has coloring pages, sing alongs, car races, memory games, math games, and the list goes on. I paid for the full version and I’ve never regretted it. Rox loves this app and I feel like she’s learning a lot from it. There’s nothing quite like educational apps to get her brain going.

Drawing Desk– Draw, Paint, Doodle, Sketch. This app has a fun kid’s desk option. The colors sparkle and make noise and there are fun stamps and pictures to color.

Maybe you have a independent and curious little one running around your house that would love to try these apps. I’m pretty sure they are meant for older kids and that my little Ryder won’t be interested in these any time soon, but let me know your thoughts! Also, let me know about any other apps you think Roxie might enjoy!


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