On my recent trip to Utah I stopped by to visit one of my good friends, Jessie, and her beautiful family. Jessie and  I go way back to our mission days in the TKM (Tennessee Knoxville Mission), baby! And then again post-mission as the single ladies of Turnberry. Good times, people, good times. While I there  I was even lucky enough to practice my photography skills by capturing her handsome twin boys. Guys, they were so tiny and handsome and sweet and precious! I also received some great camera tips from 3 year old big brother and big sis. It was a great visit, just not long enough! Jess, I can’t believe you have twins!!!


These little guys were SO good and  just slept the entire time. Below is the one time this guy got a little fussy but it didn’t last. I am sure they make up for it around 2 AM! But how cute is that cry face??? Come on?!? Killing me. I wish my cry face looked so good.





letsputourheadstogether_bw toes-x-two_bw





I love big sis’s beautiful blue eyes. She’s a doll!


And big brother with his handsome dark chocolate eyes.


This was my first infant photo shoot and I still have lots to learn but I think we got a couple of good shots!



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