Saundra’s Pick 5 – Top Workout Gear


1. Infiniti Double Tab Mesh Socks from Brooks Running – I love the extra layers of support these socks offer to the arch of the foot and the back heel tab that protects the achilles tendon from near death as you run:).

2. Gfast legging from Gap – These pants are great – full of stretch with a little lycra to keep things smooth, fun little zipper to hold your keys, and most importantly they stay put. The perfect combo for running. I recieved my first pair as a gift and LOVE them!

3. Fit Chic Headbands – I recently discovered this headband. It does a fabulous job of holding the hair back and out of the face without cutting into skull and giving you a killer headache.  They are made from a swimsuit type material and come in a wide range of colors. Perfect for running, gardening, cooking in the kitchen or rockin’ it Bret Michaels’ style.

4. Breathe tank from Gap – I love this tank for hot yoga, it is lightweight, covers the girls and drys quickly. The trifecta of hot yoga tops.

5. Lululemon wunder under crop – LOVE these. These crops are great for a hike, a run, hot yoga or tucked in your boots as leggings. They are soft and comfy and dry quickly. They have  a small interior pocket to hold your keys.


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