Wood Keeps with Angie

This week we will be featuring small businesses owned and operated by moms. Being a mom is tough. Owning a small business is tricky. Finding a way to balance both is pure magic. We have asked some of our favorite moms/small business owners to share a glimpse of their experience. Don’t forget to head over to this post for a chance to win a free pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. 



Today we are excited to introduce you to Angie, owner of Wood Keeps. Angie is the mother to three adorable boys. Her husband is one of my friends from growing up and is an amazing woodworker (you will swoon over his work). Angie uses reclaimed and repurposed woods as well as cut offs from her Robbie’s business. Her jewelry and keepsakes are all unique depending on the wood she finds. In addition to items found in her shop she does custom orders as well. She made this beautiful sign for my dad’s garden and took her time to find the perfect wood for it. Being located in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains gives her access to all sorts of beautiful wood to make her pieces stand out.

Wood Keeps

Angie opened up her Etsy shop in December 2012 and launched her website soon after. Her jewelry is now sold in locally owned shops in Santa Cruz, CA. Her three words to describe her experience are exciting, challenging, and empowering. When I asked her about her most surprising lesson she’s learned she responded with, “How hard it is to juggle three kids (all boys!), a husband, a household full of dogs, dirt and laundry, a business and still have time to get a pedicure!” (That right there is talent. Isn’t it amazing how good pedicures are for the soul!)



Angie hopes that her kids learn that through hard work comes reward and that nothing worthwhile will ever be handed to them. Spot on Angie…spot on. WoodKeeps
Make sure you check out her website to see Angie’s amazing work. Thanks Angie for sharing a little bit more about you with us today. Also, be sure to follow Woodkeeps on instagram. She’s always doing little things to give away free stuff!


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