Mother’s Day Thoughts

Mother’s day is almost here. I have mixed emotions about this day. I love my mom to death and I am eternally grateful she is my mother. I would not have chosen anyone else. She’s the most compassionate, thoughtful, and talented lady I know. But for me, I am not a mother, and may never be. I typically boycott Mother’s day as whole. As a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints culture, mothers are honored, as they should be. But this is usually accomplished during the Sunday meeting by having every woman over the age of 18 stand while the boys/men pass out some token, chocolate, flower (you get the idea). All the lessons for the day are typically on mothers, being a mother, having one, thanking one, etc.

This is great.

If you are a mother.

If you are not a mother.

It is not great.

I have been contemplating how to reconcile my feelings on this situation. I know it is totally 100% selfish to boycott. The feelings of selfishness have lead me to want to find a way to give back, to somehow make someone else’s life better. To make a difference to just one person in this giant world we live in.

To forget myself.

Most of us live very privileged lives. I am not saying our lives are without challenges. They are challenging. But we don’t want for much; we have food, clothes, shelter and we have freedom. We are blessed with the opportunity to go to school, to become educated, to improve our lives. We are blessed with the freedom of options. We have so many options.

So I am left to ponder.

What can I do?

How can I give back?

I recently read this post via Ashley’s blog Under the Sycamore about the Rainbow Loom Project that Jen over at Upcycled Education started. It brought a little tear to my eye and joy to my heart. SO many people pitched in to make someone else’s life better. It was simple. It was inexpensive. But it made a difference.

Then I read this post from Ashley, “In Three Minutes my Life Change”, and once again my heart ached for these girls in need.

And then…via Emily from The Banner Shoppe I read about the opportunities for The Shine Project, via Threads education for at risk youth. And then I found No. 41, which teaches women to sew, provides a trade, provides money to make meals, an income to help mothers take care of their children and allow young girls to receive an education.

One common thread exists in each of the stories, each person has been motivated to do something small, not to gain more readers or make more money, but to help others.

That is what I need.

The insight.

The motivation to help someone else.

So, I thought, maybe just  maybe this year in addition to flowers or chocolate, in honor of your mother or wife, give her something that makes a difference. Something that has a impact on another life. Choose a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or stack from Threads, or choose one of the amazing totes from No. 41.


I am still thinking on what I should do.

But this is start.

I am seeking insight.

I want to see a world outside my own.


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You’re the best!!!




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