Saundra’s Pick 5 – Top Lifestyle Apps

If you are anything like me the motivation of the new year is slowly slipping away.  I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite healthy lifestyle apps. And maybe help you find that misplaced motivation! (Let me know if you see mine!)

1. My Fitness Pal – This is my favorite free calorie counter/exercise tracker. It’s all about calories in, calories out. Right?

2. Running for weight loss  by Redrock – Is a fantastic running it app.  you can choose your fitness level, and follow the motivational prompts as you run while a gps record of your mileage is created and saved. You can also modify for indoor/outdoor training (which is a must in AZ).

3. Yoga Download – Is great for in-between run stretching. Improving flexibility and minimizing injury.You can download the free podcasts or purchase episodes.

4. Spotify – Allows you to pick your favorite tunes or choose one of the preset workout playlists, perfect for long runs.

5. Lumosity –  This app allows you to play a quick set of games each day to exercise your brain. And it’s fun too!

What are your favorite lifestyle apps?



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