Gadzooks: Local Eats

Gadzooks is a locally owned eatery, located on the corner of Osborn & 7th Street. Started out of a love for the enchilada. Gadzooks is a made-to-order enchilada bar. As you enter the building you are greeted with the words, “redefining the enchilada”. And redefine is exactly what Gadzooks does by offering unique enchilada fillings.  Options like their homemade shredded modelo braised bison or their smashed jack potato mixed with the traditional homemade tortilla. Gadzooks also offers street tacos and soup, but I haven’t moved past their delicious enchiladas yet.


Next up you’ll see the oversized anatomy of an enchilada, which adds to the unique and fun vibe that is Gadzooks.


Next, you’ll find yourself in line as your choice of tortilla is freshly pressed and cooked while you wait.

tortilla gadzooks

Then, you’ll choose your filling, sauce, and cheese. Note: you have to get there when the doors open to try the bison. It sells out quick!


At this point the anticipation of your first bite may be killing as a staff member throws your bowl into the flames.


But don’t worry it will soon be retrieved – hot, melty, and ready to top with salsa or guac.

IMG_9664 IMG_9663 IMG_9662

And then, the moment you’ve been waiting for will arrive. Your first bite!


Inside or outside you’ll love Gadzooks! It’s unique, it’s fun, and it’s GOOD!





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