Valentine’s Fashion

Oh my goodness! How great is Valentine’s season?! It’s pretty much the one time of the year when you can wear pink and red and get away with it. It’s just so FUN! So it’s been valentine inspired attire around here this week.

Shirts: Old Navy

Hoodie: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap – Always skinny

Shoes: Converse


Dress: Gap

Arrow shirt: Gap

Leggings: Old Navy

Heart necklace: Old Navy

Shoes: Toms (I am really loving my Tom wedges. They are perfect for a little height and can go both casual and dressy. Plus, I can make my 5 block trek in them without any blisters or decapitated piggies)


Dot shirt: Gap

Sweater: Old Navy clearance. This was a leftover from the Christmas season. I spotted the ‘L’ and knew it’d be perfect for Valentine’s. (you know ‘L’ for Love!)

XOXO  & mint bracelet: Old Navy

Pants: Gap – Modern Fit

Shoes: Old Navy

Confession: Sometimes I get bored while taking my own photo and I end up with fun photos like these! You’re welcome.


P.S.- My friend gave me a photo lighting kit for Christmas. This is my first time trying it out. I still have more to learn. I love having my own little studio. Thanks, B!



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