Waffle Love in AZ!

That’s right people, Waffle Love is in the AZ! Wahoo! What’s Waffle Love you ask? Well it’s basically deliciousness on wheels. Waffle Love is a a food truck loaded with fresh, made-to-order, sugar coated, mouth watering, sweet waffles. The Waffle Love truck has been serving their homemade liege waffles to the folks in Utah for the last couple of years. (Um, jeally!). When I heard they were opening a truck here in the AZ through Stephanie Nelson via the nieniedialouges I was pumped!

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.24.24 AM

Well folks, they are here! The waffles and the folks of the Waffle Love. In the flesh. In the AZ.


I mean, just look at this yumminess! (Is your mouth watering???!)


IMG_9923What’s that? How can you sink your teeth into this warm, doughnut like-sugary goodness smothered in even more deliciousness? Just follow waffluvaz via instagram, twitter, or facebook for their location. Then head out and grab a bite. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.33.25 AMIMG_9925

Once you found the truck. You’ll choose your favorite waffle from the list or get creative and build your own.


Step up to the window (like Liz from hellolizandsara pictured below. Oh! Hey, Liz!) ….


then give your order this cute ladies! Don’t have cash, no worries. You can swipe your card.


Soon you’ll hear your name call and a plate of heaven will be handed to you. Then you’ll fall in love.



Thanks Waffle Love! Welcome to AZ!



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