Valentine’s crafts with a 1-year old

Toddler Valentine's Day Craft

Before I go much further I must say that Rox is almost two. She’s more like a two year old than a one year old. Moving on…little baby Ryder is down to taking two naps a day. This means that sometimes Rox and I are just sitting around doing the same old puzzles day after day. I decided to change things up a bit the other day. I thought of a few baby friendly craft items and here is what I came up with.

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Cupcake liners
  • Tape

Toddler Valentine's Day Craft

Fancy right?!? Sure, I mostly did the craft. But the thing is that I was able to create something with curious fingers finding their way into everything. Roxie doesn’t talk yet, but it was fun talking to her about what I was doing. She acted very interested. She was mostly interested in playing with the cupcake liners, but that should be obvious by looking at the pictures.

Toddler Valentine's Day Craft

All we did was start with the paper. I cut out a vase and some flower stems. I manipulated the cupcake liners to fit as flowers. I then directed Roxie where to tape things down. See, I mostly did the work, but it was fun doing something crafty without worrying about Rox getting into everything and causing problems. I see lots of fun crafts together in our future!

Toddler Valentine's Day Craft

Toddler Valentine's Day Craft  Toddler Valentine's Day Craft She was off doing puzzles before we were done. Oh well.Toddler Valentine's Day Craft Toddler Valentine's Day Craft


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