28 days via Instagram

Remember the 28 day challenge? I do! It was fun and challenging all at the same time. Some days it was hard to find the inspiration. In the end I harnessed my inner Tim Gunn and had a “make it work” moment.  28 days is a long time! Shew! But I did love the push of finding something to capture the assigned prompt.  I posted all 28 of my photos in a gallery below. I hope you enjoy flipping through them as much as I do! Maybe next time you’ll join me! Maybe?!

My top 3 favorite photos are:

Day 11: I love the composition of this photo, the angles and the different patterns.

Day 18: I love this one even though the color is a little off, my mom’s house has the new energy saving bulbs which create some interesting lighting. But I love that this captured my one and only niece Morgan and my gorgeous Mama. There is something about the two of them together both with smirks on their faces that I just love.

Day 24: I love the angles created by the lane lines, the vastness of the open road and the blanket of ominous looking clouds.


What’s your favorite way to increase your creativity?



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