3 Reasons to Gram


If you have dabbled in baking at all you’ve come across a recipe or two written in grams. If you are anything like me, you thought  grams, who cooks in grams? Then quickly followed that thought with a quick trip to the google search bar and googled “convert grams to cups”.

So why are recipes written in grams?

1. Reason number one is consistency.  Baking believe it or not is an exact science. In other words, a gram will always be a gram no matter what scale is used but your 1/2 measuring cup and my 1/2 measuring cup are not the same. Another example,  your large egg may be smaller than my large egg, but if your recipe calls for 5 grams of whole eggs, and you weigh out 5 grams of whole eggs on your scale and I on mine, the recipe will have 5 grams of eggs regardless of egg size.

2.Reason number two is the ease of increasing or decreasing the quantity  or batch size to meet your needs. Maybe you are really good at fractions (round of applause) but for most people it is much simpler to add 125 g + 150 g verses 1/4 cup + 2/3 cup. So when your in-laws unexpectedly show up for Sunday dinner you can easily double your chocolate cake recipe.

3. Reason number three is the ease of swapping in and out ingredients. This allows you to remove or add ingredients is small amounts. For example, removing the salt from a recipe. It would be challenging to reduce 1/2 teaspoon but would be easier to scale it back at .5 grams at a time. This also allows your to replace like ingredients – swap out your honey for agave – you know have 2 grams of honey so   you can easily scale out your 2 grams of agave. Making the swap while maintaining the recipes integrity.

In case you would like a different explanation visit All Recipes page for more info.



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