Roxie’s felt tree


Do you have a toddler in the house? Do you have a grandchild, niece, or nephew, or close friend with a toddler in the house? If you answered yes, then I hope their home has a felt tree. tree1

I got all the materials at Hobby Lobby. Felt by the yard for the tree and individual felt squares for the ornaments. Hobby Lobby has a great felt collection. I made the candy canes with polkadots and some ornaments with sparkly felt. The circles and tear-shaped ornaments are cut out of patterns in the felt. Some people just make the trees out of triangles and some people get really creative and have layers on layers. I made my ornaments pretty simple, but you can get way more creative. There are lots and lots of ideas on Pinterest.

Because I have a toddler in the house, I set up a small tree with unbreakable ornaments. Roxie has had a lot of fun decorating and redecorating the tree. tree4

Happy Holidays!  tree3 Roxie’s favorite thing right now is to do puzzles. I bet you can guess what she will be getting for Christmas this year. Also, Saundra got this adorable dress and tights for Roxie. Doesn’t she look like a walking holiday bundle of joy!?!


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