Tomb of Governor George Wiley Paul Hunt

After Ashleigh’s photo shoot she told us about “the pyramid” at Papago Park. We had never noticed or been up to the pyramid. The sun was just setting and Ash said it would be the best spot to see the sunset and the Phoenix skyline. And she was right!

Apparently “the pyramid” is actually the tomb of Governor George Wiley Paul Hunt, his wife Helen, her parents J. W. Ellisons, and her sister, Lena Elliso. Governor Hunt holds the national record for serving 7 terms as Arizona’s governor.

We missed the best of the sunset but still captured some spectacular skies. I can’t wait to go back again.

These first two shots are from the stairs at Papago just off McDowell Rd before we headed over to the pyramid.

stairssunset2 stairs-sunset1

This is the view from the pyramid…

sunset9 sunset8 sunset7 sunset6 sunset3 sunset2 sunset1


The Arizona sunsets are truly spectacular.



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