K & A Photo Shoot

I was so excited when Ashleigh asked me to take her family photos. We had a great time and captured some beautiful smiles. We decided to try out a desert backdrop for this shoot. We used the stairs of Papago Park just off of McDowell. It was a great spot. The stairs provided a great way to capture group shots.

I think posing is one of the most challenging part of photo shoots. It’s a challenge to capture everyone together in one shoot and then come up a new variation to keep the smiles coming. A special thanks to my amazing assistant Kelli for helping bring out some amazing smiles and wipe some cute little faces!

Here’s a few of my favorite shots…








Rox-KyleHere are some fun outtakes…these two crack me up!

out-take-1This is honor the Grant Wood American Gothic painting. Kyle was not so into the idea.

farmersIf you know Rox – this is a perfect photo – Rox on the run! The little cutie never stops going!


What do you think is the most challenging part of family photos?



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