A Request for the Menfolk

I received a request from a friend and colleague a while back do post men’s fashion tips. To quote him, he was looking for something in between “super skinny jeans, super tight shirt (that is appropriate for 20 year old body builders who are out clubbing) or middle aged worker clothing (e.g. Brooks Brothers that is super dull and built for 50 year old men who are trying to cover 50 superfluous pounds”. I think we all understand what he’s talking about.  So here’s my first attempt at age appropriate-not-too-extreme, not-too-dull fashion for you menfolk out there.

This is a casual yet timeless outfit. I think it’s a good start.



1.  Choose a dark colored Sportcoat – that fits you well. If you are tall male, a great affordable place to find tall clothing is surprisingly JcPenney. They do carry some tall items in the store but you may have to resort to ordering online (not very convenient, I know.) The sportcoat pictured is actually a tall from the Stafford collection at JCP.

2. A great fitting pair of dark washed jeans. I know, I know, you love your old Levi’s with their acid wash from the early 90’s but it’s time to make a new investment. You can stick with Levi’s. Levi’s are a great brand because they carry many different cuts and style, and even carry larger sizes online. The trick to finding the right pair of jeans is trying on a lot of jeans. Once you find the style that fits your body type, your golden and you can begin your search for color.

3. A brown pair of loafer/driving shoes. These are a great mix between casual and sophisticated while at the same time not your grandpa’s penny loafers. Driving shoes are available in all different price ranges. Nordstrom’s is a great place to start.

4. A matching leather belt. I loved this belt because the stamping made it just a little different, adding a little bit of interest to the outfit. But if you prefer to blend in opt for a unstamped leather belt in the same color.

5. A striped blue button up shirt. This shirt is from the extended sizes at JCP, which is great if you have never been able to find a shirt long enough to cover your monkey arms. There longest sleeve length is 39 inches. Wha?!

6. And my favorite part…fun socks! And a pair of bright fun patterned socks to the ensemble. (It’ll be fun to see if who notices). There are tons of patterns and colors to choose from just pick a pair within your comfort zone and rock’em!

One last tip for my tall friends, if you have a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly, look up that item on the store’s website. Then pull up the size chart for that item, make note of the actual measurements. Then you can use this information to search other websites for the same fit by comparing size chart information.This will save you time with returns and hopefully provide more fashion options.

How’d I do?



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