Life is winning.

The last month or so has been challenging. On top of my normal day-to-day routine of working full-time, going to school part-time, volunteering on Saturdays, writing posts here on the ol’blog, serving in my church calling, I came down with bronchitis. Boo for bronchitis. It wipes me out every time. I really did not have time for bronchitis. It was not welcomed. My life became about survival.

There was an end in sight. I finally picked up some antibiotics and an inhaler and was feeling a better. So keeping my plans of going home for the long weekend seemed like a fun idea. And it was a fun time and I even made a fun post out of the trip.

(Travel tip – when parking at the airport snap a picture of where you parked, that way if you misplace your parking stub or you were in a rushed frenzy when you arrived, you’ll know where to find you car when you return. )


Besides, if I had stayed home I would have missed out on seeing this little explorer. She’s too cute!


Following my return to the land of sunshine my friend and I continued our yearly tradition of going to the AZ State Fair (we missed Ashleigh this year. Next year?:)). I hope we never get too old for the slides! This year they took your picture for your season pass and printed on an id card. The boys taking the photos wanted us to photo bomb the one another…we may have played along:).


If you didn’t make this year, you should go next year! It’s fun! We all need more fun in our lives, right? There is always a list of fun activities like  Ashleigh blogged about here.

It may have been too fun… guess what? The next day it was revenge of the bronchitis. Sick. Again. Who gets sick twice in one month? I started to wonder if I even had an immune system. So another round of antibiotics and refill on the inhaler. Meanwhile life continued. A wedding, reception part 1 and reception part 2.


How handsome are these two fellas??? (the iphone doesn’t do well in low light. boo.)


Three exams and one 8 page lab report all due on the weekend of reception part 2. Shew! Life does not slow down.

Halloween was mixed in there too. Each year at work we have a contest where each department decorates there office in a theme and is judged. This year we were Pac Man. It was fun day!


So what’s the point of this post? Well… I am playing catch-up, trying to get my routine back. I think I am close! Hopefully this blog won’t suffer too much longer.

Now,  Ashleigh’s house has been hit with the cold bug – 3 out 4 bugs have been out for the count over the last week or so.

Moral of the story- life is currently kicking our behinds. We are fighters…we’ll be back!



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