Introuducing Emily Lunt

We love adventure and discovering new things, so it is always exciting for us to find fellow bloggers that we love. And like all things that we love, we love to share them with you. That being said, I wanted to introduce you to Arizona native Emily Lunt. You can find Emily blogging over at . Mrs. Emily is a talented writer, amazing photographer, practicing graphic designer, supportive wife, and a faithful daughter of God.


photo source: Emily Lunt at

I know what you are thinking, it is almost unfair to have so much talent in one person! Lucky for us we can enjoy her amazing talents through the pages of her blog. Emily is currently exploring the midwest with her husband Jason, as he attends medical school (she offers some great tips for surviving the medical school lifestyle).

Did you know trees have leaves and they change colors??? Check out Emily’s beautiful fall photos.

Thanks Emily for sharing your amazing talents with us!

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One thought on “Introuducing Emily Lunt

  1. Emily says:

    Oh goodness, you sure know how to make me blush! Thanks for all the kind things you said. So happy to be featured on your lovely blog. Thank you ladies!

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