Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms

Another day and another adventure with my two babies. I sometimes question my judgment as to why I leave my house, but I narrowed it down to two reasons.

1- I feel more human when I get out of the house.

2- Even though it gets crazy I never regret making the memories.

And let’s be honest, I did meet up with friends for this one and that always makes life more fun. It was nice asking someone to please hold my baby so I could take Roxie down the big tube slide. And it was nice that my sweet friends were willing to move my stroller around for me as I chased my energetic toddler around the mini corn maze.

My husband and I ventured out to Vertuccio Farms a couple of years ago. Actually I remember I was pregnant with Roxie when we went so it was two years ago exactly. We went at night, we ate popcorn, we slowly meandered through the adult corn maze, and we had a delightful date night. Times have sure changed! It was definitely a different experience going with two babies during the day with my friends and their babies. 5 moms and 9 kids to be exact.

Vertuccio Farms is a great place to take kids of all ages. Rox at age one enjoyed just as many activities that my friend’s four year old enjoyed. There were lots of older kids there as well.

Here is a glimpse of some of the things your children also might enjoy.

Milking the cowfarm01

Duck races


Riding the train farm03 farm04

Visiting the animals farm05

Wandering through the pumpkins farm06

Keeping track of your children’s height every year  farm08

Braving the spider web farm09

Getting lost in the mini corn maze farm10

Taking the horses for a ride farm11

Meeting up with friends in the pumpkin patch! farm12   Not pictured:

  • The big tube slides
  • The big corn maze
  • The giant air pillow
  • Paying a quarter to get animal food to feed the goats
  • Visiting the cow
  • And all the delicious treats (life fresh kettle corn)

The Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms is going on now through November 3. It is open 7 days a week, but the hours vary so check the website. Admission is $8 a person and free for kids 3 and under. It is located off Power Road just south of Elliot.

And I do suggest leaving before the tantrums start.



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