Remix & Pattern Play

You already know that I love getting more than one look from my wardrobe pieces from my 1-dress 3-ways post, so I am excited to share a quick tip to get more out of your closest.

Option 1: Blazer, button-up shirt, slacks, heels…wear to work….


Option 2: Throw out the slacks and heels, pull on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and boots!


I am also currently in love with the pattern mixing trend! It is just so fun! I love finding new ways to mix and match while somehow still matching.

A couple of tips to pattern mixing is to…

1. Keep the prints on the same scale.

-the dots on my blazer are the same size as the small flowers on the floral print of my shirt, the consistency of scale keeps your eye from being too distracted.

2. Play up the contrast of dark and light.

– the shirt’s background is light with a dark pattern and my blazer’s background is dark with a light pattern.


Blazer – Gap steal! – $1.06!!! Wha?! Love me some Gap clearance!

Button-up shirt – Old Navy

Jeans – Target

Slacks – Gap Modern Boot

Boots- cute…can’t remember.

Heels – (hidden) Enzo Angiolini- cream. P.S. – one of my favorite brand of heels.

Now go remix your closet!



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