Mama do run run


(This is my creepy picture I took on my run this past Saturday. I was running on the green belt and ran past the ASU men’s cross country team…twice. They were doing laps and I couldn’t help myself- ha ha)

I have a love/hate relationship with running.
Love: buying new running clothes.
Hate: getting them all sweaty.
Love: that my bum shrinks.
Hate: that I have to work to make it happen.
Love: that I can run by myself with no babies.
Hate: that I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do so.
Love: the feeling right after a good run.
Hate: how sore I am the next day.

The only thing that really gets me motivated to run/workout is by setting a goal to do a specific run or race on a specific day. I don’t have a very extensive history with running.

In 2007 I ran the 5 k Rex Lee Run in Provo, UT. (28:00)

In 2008 I ran the Santa Cruz 10 k turkey trot. (55:59)

In 2009 I did an XterrA triathlon in Ogden, UT.

In 2012 I did the Mesa sprint triathlon.

Let’s be honest, this list doesn’t include my participation in cross country in 8th grade. (Notice I say participation- that was about it). I also must mention that I did plenty of mountain bike races from 2008-2010, but we’re talking about running here.

On September 14 I started running again. It was about 6 weeks after having baby Ryder and it was hard! It was short and slow and I wanted to die. I did discover on that run how nice it was just to be by myself for a bit. It was nice being outside and listening to my music. Since that day I’ve been hooked on running. I used to prefer riding bikes but with two babies it’s just not practical right now between time and the fact that little Ryder is too small for the bike trailer.

I have been trying hard to run 3 times a week and so far so good. I just run from my house but luckily I live close to the green belt that goes through Scottsdale from Tempe town lake so it’s pretty and there’s no cars.

So that brings me back to my goal setting. On Saturday March 1 is the Phoenix marathon. I don’t think I’ll be up for a full marathon so I will be signing up for the half marathon. I think it’s a realistic goal to accomplish. I just may drop in a post now and then and let you know how I’m doing. This just might get interesting. Or it can end up really boring but I will keep you updated anyway.

Wish me luck!!


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