Capture Sunshine travels to Albuquerque


The little ones and I set off for a trip to Albuquerque a couple weeks ago. Some might think it’s a little crazy that I would go on a road trip with an 18 month old and a 1 1/2 month old and I would agree with them. It’s amazing what I am willing to do to see family. My brother is a dentist in Albuquerque. He is married and has three little daughters. My husband and my brother made plans to go on a bike ride together and my husband didn’t want to take time off work. That resulted in the kids and I driving out a few days early with all his biking gear. It also meant that I only had to do the drive one way by myself.

My brother had to work so we spent the days with my sister in law and her three daughters, the oldest is three. That meant there were five kids under four. It was a little chaotic. I had a lot of great intentions to take some fun pictures of the city, but I’m sure you can guess why that didn’t happen. We did make it to the zoo one day, that was a joke, and I made it on a walk around my brother’s neighborhood.

Random stop on the way out there:


My brother’s neighborhood:




The Zoo (With my Phoenix zoo pass I was able to get 50% off the regular admission price):



The drive home:  abq08Now I just have to finish watching Breaking Bad.


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