Engagement Photos – N & K

I was able to take some fun photos of this lovely bride and groom to be. The bride suggested the Concord Place business plaza. It was my first time to the business plaza. It’s a great little spot.

The Concord Place is a large business complex, with beautifully landscaped grounds. There is a coy pond, with real coy fish, a couple of bridges, a stream, stair cases, fun railings, and a waterfall. I will recommend staying on the north side of the large bridge.

Warning: On the south side, there is a waterfall and a patch of grass and a no trespassing sign. There are also condo/apartment buildings with balconies facing the waterfall. Do not shoot photos here. We had the unfortunate experience of being yelled at by one the residents , from her balcony, in her bath robe. Stay on the north side of the bridge or risk the ranting robed resident!

K_N stairs K_N blades of grass   K_N hand n hand

K_N reflectionK_N hands_legs


K_N just hands




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