There’s a New Shop in Town!

I recently noticed the ChopShop located on Scottsdale Road and thought it looked like a fun spot to check out. So when a friend asked if I had heard of it and wanted to stop by and check it out, obviously the answer was, YES!


The ChopShop provides a healthier answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” Offering an array of different sandwiches, bowls, salads, fresh pressed juices, protein shakes, breakfast items and original baked goods. Check out the full menu here. Each item has been thoughtfully created with fresh ingredients and your health in mind. That being said, your tastebuds will be happy and you will meet your veggie quota! The portions are generous (and could easily be shared with a fellow *healthie) or devoured by one teenage boy.

The Shop is loaded with personality! It has a casual, urban, and slightly shabby chic esthetic with it’s rustic chalkboards, antique displays, fun vintage chairs, and warm woods mixed throughout.


The display of bottled sodas and unique quick-grab packaged foods lends to a Mom & Pop feel, making you feel as if you have somehow been transported to a quaint small town where everyone knows your name and you know theirs. Who doesn’t want that, right? ChopShopBottled-drinks ChopShop-bottles-snacks ChopShop-hello-sign-2


In addition to their fun indoor decor, the Chop Shop has a great outdoor patio space, lined with rustic chairs, bright flowers, and misters too keep you cool.



Each patio table has a hook for your little furry friend. Guess what?! They even have water and dog treats. How thoughtful is that?


I am huge fan of their food. If they had a drive-thru I’d probably eat there every night! So far everything I have tried, I have loved. The current list includes: chicken protein plate with quinoa, the sunrise wrap, between bread veggie & hummus (see photo below) and a couple of pressed juices.


One of my personal favorites is Slim Squeeze pressed juice. Mmmm! Check out the juicing action below!


Veggie & Hummus


BBQ Chicken & Liver Cleanse



The Orginal Chop Shop has two locations – one in Scottsdale and one in Tempe.

What’s your favorite local spot?


*healthie: similar to a foodie, but has a love of health & food.


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