Newborn Pictures- Baby Ryder

I took a couple of newborn pictures of baby Ryder. My friend Mary over at Two Happy Lambs sent me some tips for taking newborn pictures at home. It was a bit tricky for me. When I have taken newborn pictures before there was someone else there to help with adjusting the baby as needed. With Ryder every time I would adjust his arm or his legs and then get behind my camera again he would have his arm or leg back to how it was before. Such a silly little guy.

newborn1 newborn2 newborn3 newborn4Things I will do differently next time:

1- Enlist my husband or a friend to either help me or take the pictures for me.

2- Plan the props and poses ahead of time.

3- Plan the time of day better to get the best lighting (I worked on it during Roxie’s nap time so I didn’t have that many options).

4- Watch more YouTube videos on posing.

5- Try to think of something more original.

All in all I think he’s a beautiful baby boy and I am happy about how the pictures turned out. I can’t believe he’s already 3 weeks old!



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