New Mantle Jewelery


In all my spare time I decided to whip up a new banner for my mantle and put away the 4th of July banner (What? It was only August 15:) Being that there aren’t really any fun holidays in August to theme a banner off of I decided to just do a bright and fun fabric one. It’s super easy and only took me one episode of Royal Pains to complete. 🙂 Here’s how I made it….

step 1

gather 3 or 4 different large fabric scraps or fat quarters and coordinating ribbon or other notion, string or yarn for the main banner – that you will build on.

cut or tear your fabric into small strips, 1/2 inch – 1 inch wide. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a little variation in length and width will just add interest.


step 2

measure your main banner string – the one that everything will hang from. In my case it’s the front of my mantle.

then layout a pattern or don’t if you like a more random look.


step 3

time the fabric strips and ribbon pieces along your banner string. repeat until you reach the other end of your string. don’t worry too much about all the knots going the same direction. Unless you knotted them supper tight you will be able to manipulate them later.

banner-tie-on-ribbon-strips banner-tie-on-2

step 4

hang your banner. make any adjustments you need. slide them closer together, add a piece or two, make you main string shorter…whatever you feel your banner needs.






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