Cheese & Cracker Tray


A cheese-cracker-veggie tray is the perfect starter when you are hosting  a dinner party or game night. It’s SO simple. If you can use a knife, you can do it. It is a great option while your guests are waiting for dinner to finish up and provides an opportunity for folks to mingle.

For this tray I just used different hard cheeses from the specialty cheese section at my local grocery store.  Simply, slice and stack like cheeses together. I then added a couple of different crackers, and some mini peppers. Here’s were you can get adventurous, pick a cheese you’ve never tasted before, you might like it!


Next, I added 4 different condiments, taco seasoning dip, for those who like it spicy, hummus, strawberry butter, for those who like it sweet, and jalapeno jelly for those who like it sweet & spicy!sauces

Try it at your next gathering, it’s sure to be a hit.



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