Quiet Time Activity – Felt Fun


Last week Ashleigh asked if I wanted to come help her make fun felt shape cut-outs to entertain Roxie with in church. Umm, of course.

Why felt pieces you ask, well because…

Ashleigh’s mom made, a to-die-for quiet book for Roxie. It is seriously the cutest quiet book and is great to keep little Miss Roxie occupied during our 1st hour of church. Keeping a little one entertained and contained for a full hour can be … challenging. Right, Ash? The pieces of the quiet book are felt. We figured out that the felt pieces are light enough to stick to the back of the pew. Yay!

So we…

Cut, free hand, shapes out different colors of felt, clouds, starfish, fish, sharks, and squares. We also made some fun layered pieces.

To make layered pieces, layout the pieces, then top stitch the pieces together.


The pieces stick to the bench like they do on my couch.


I am so excited for Roxie to try out all her new fun felt shapes!

What tricks do you have to keep little ones entertained & contained?



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