Fancy Summer Jeans

During the summer session I am  allowed to wear jeans to work. Yay! One perk of working in higher education, right?! Even though jeans are acceptable attire I am no a fan of looking like I am ready for my Saturday shopping trip to Wal-mart (don’t judge, you know what I am talking about). One way I make my “Wal-mart” jean look fancy is by adding a fun lightweight blazer. A blazer can make any casual outfit a touch of sophistication. Don’t believe me, yet? See pics below. 🙂

bun-jacket-3 bun-jacket-jeans-downjacket-bun

With the classic high bun. The high bun is fabulous for the summer heat!


With a low side bun.

Where’d I get it- blazer – gap, t-shirt – gap, jeans – miss me from buckle, necklace – jcpenny, bracelet – layton, utah antique shop.

Now, go get fancy!

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