Maxi Maternity Style

My due date is fast approaching so I wanted to make sure I got one more maternity fashion post up before my time is up. The first time I was pregnant I was teaching school and so getting ready and dressed every day was mandatory. This time around I am not teaching and we are in the middle of summer so I spend most of my days wearing my swim suit. No, I will not be posting any maternity swim suit pictures…you can thank me later. When I do get ready and dressed I find myself reaching for a maxi skirt or dress as my top pic. Have you seen this floating around the internet?


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It’s so true. Maxi skirts with a maternity top are the only way I can survive this heat and still look decent. Over the weekend I went to Saundra’s house with a bag full of my “go-to” outfits and had her snap some pictures for me. That would be why my hair and jewelry look the same in every picture. None of my maxi skirts or dresses are maternity specific which means I can continue wearing them (if I’m not too sick of them yet). I do wear maternity shirts because they are much more comfortable and I think they look better. I have a whole collection of knee length skirts I wear too, but not as often since I am chasing after a one year old toddler for most of the day. It’s easier and less revealing to wear a longer skirt. Hope you enjoy the outfits and thanks Saundra for being my photographer!

Maxi Maternity Style

Top Left: I got in a small boutique in Costa Mesa, CA. Bottom left: Cardi-Gap, Skirt- TJ Maxx, Top- Macy’s. Bottom middle: Maternity top- Shade, Skirt- Surf shop in Costa Mesa, CA. Bottom right: Maternity top- Shade, Skirt- Target. Top Right: Maternity top- H&M, Skirt- TJ Maxx.

And in case you are curious: I am 37 weeks in these pictures. My due date is August 2nd. We’re getting close!!

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