Toddler girl 4th of July outfit


I decided to dress up my little Roxie doll for 4th of July. I had some patriotic fabric in my fabric bin left over from a project I did a couple of years ago. I was so excited with how it all turned out, especially since I happened to have all the supplies on hand to make it.

I didn’t have enough of one fabric to make the skirt all the way around and so I used two different prints for it: stars and stripes. I couldn’t decide which to put in front and so I switched it around throughout the day. I wish I could tell you exactly how I made the skirt, but I am not very good at sewing and I just made it up as I went. I used the fabric, elastic for around the waist, and thread. I grew up watching my mom sew and so I kind of had an idea of what I was doing, although not a very good one.

I made the bow for her hair following this tutorial. I made it a little smaller and then hot glued it to a barrette.

I got her tank top at Hobby Lobby and just tied a red ribbon on one shoulder. I was going to do a bow on top of both her shoulders, but liked the look of one bow in front.

And her cute little mary jane blue crocs just finished the outfit.

I probably should have posted this before the 4th of July, but this look can work for any holiday. You just have to switch the fabric!

rox04 rox05


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