Gettin’ Crafty – Necklace Organizer

On my recent trip to Utah my friend had the cutest necklace organizer hanging in her closet that she had made. So naturally I wanted to duplicate her crafty-cuteness!


What you need:

– (6) drawer pulls (I found mine at Hobby Lobby, love Hobby Lobby!)

– 2 x 6 wood board, cut to desired length

-pencil, level or tape measure, drill,

-hanging brackets

Step 1

-decide how long you want your organizer to be.

-cut your board to the desired length. (if you don’t have a saw or know a man with a saw, just have the hardware store cut it for you, it’s usually around .10 a cut).

Step 2

-stain your board in the desired stain color (I used dark walnut). allow the stain to dry.

Step 3

-layout your drawer pulls

-using a measure tape or ruled level and a pencil to evenly mark each drill hole.

Step 4

-drill the holes for each of  your drawer pulls on each of your pencil marks.


Step 5 – screw each drawer pull into the drilled holes. my yellow knob was tricky, I had to use pliers to get it all the way into the board.


Step 6 – on the backside of the board layout and mark the locations for your brackets. using screws, attach bracket.


Step 7 – mount to wall, hang necklaces.


Thanks Mary for the fun idea! I hope I did your craftiness justice!



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