Queen Creek Olive Mill


My mom told me about the Queen Creek Olive Mill a while back and mentioned she wanted to go check it out on one of her visits to Arizona. On her recent visit we headed out to see what the Mill was about.

From Scottsdale the drive to the Olive Mill is about 40-50 minutes. The Olive Mill is nestled between fields of crops with the olive grove within sight but a distance away. The Olive Mill itself is located in a large shed.

The grounds of the Mill are spotted with olive trees and picnic tables. There are 3 different seating areas. The Olive Mill would be a perfect location for a reception, baby shower, a picnic lunch with the kids, a quite date with your sweetheart or lunch with your favorite girlfriends.


Inside the shed you will find the Marketplace. In the Marketplace you can grab lunch from the Tuscan inspired eatery, buy some  fresh olive oil, stuffed olives, olive oil body products, gelato, and olive oil cupcakes. So many fun things! You can also purchase a $5 pass for the Olive Oil 101 course.


The Olive Oil 101 class is a 30 minute overview of the Olive Mill and the pressing process. As part of the class you get to sample some of their stuffed olives and pickled vegetables. Hopefully you like green olives or your face might look like Morgan’s. 🙂 She was such a good sport!


The Olive Mill has loads of different flavored olive oils, vinegars, and tapenades. If you are afraid to purchase an item because you don’t know how it will taste? Don’t fret, there are samples available for each product, you can sample until your heart is content. We had a great time sampling all the oils and vinegars from the sample bar. They have fun flavors like chocolate olive oil! Wha?! Our Olive Oil 101 instructor told us she eats it on her yogurt! Sounds yummy, right?


The Queen Creek Olive Mill is one of the top producers of extra virgin olive oil. Now don’t you feel fancy?! Arizona is right up there with Greece, Italy, and Spain.

olive mill producer

Aren’t in Arizona, no problem, the Mill will ship you your blood orange olive oil.



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