Pine-Strawberry Festival 2013

My mom and niece Morgan are in town for a visit so we decided to take the drive up to Pine/Strawberry and check out the Strawberry Festival. I am pretty sure the “Strawberry” Festival is named after the town Strawberry and not the fruit. With that said, they do import strawberries and offer fun strawberry treats. I am guessing, but I think this may be because a lot of other people were under the assumption that it was a festival surrounding the fruit. All in all, it was a great time. We enjoyed snapping photos, people watching, eating yummy food.

The Strawberry Festival is larger and more spread out that most festivals. The festival follows along the main drive. Each side of the street is spotted with various historial buildings as well as vendors, so there is a lot to look at! I would recommend comfortable closed toe shoes (there is a bit of walking and gravel/sand).

strawberry festival 2013 1 strawberry festival 2013 2

The festival is kid, grandparent, adult and dog friendly. There were many furry  spectators. Isn’t this buddy dog so cute!?

strawberry festival 2013 3

You want to be sure you stop off at the strawberry treat section. How cute is this little lady in her strawberry gear?

strawberry festival 2013 4

Once you’ve decided on your treat (like the tornado fry), head over to the covered pavilion and eat your treat in the shade while the live band plays.

strawberry festival 2013 5

They have a great little playground, in case the kids a little kid time.

strawberry festival 2013 6

As you continue your walk down the main street you’ll come across the Pine Public Library and the Original Pine Library. The grounds are open and free to walk. There is also a small one room museum on the opposite side of the street, entry is $1.00.

strawberry festival 2013 7

As you head out of town be sure to stop at The Honey Stand for some fresh Arizona honey , delicious butters and jellies. The choices are endless.

strawberry festival 2013 8

Thanks Strawberry for a great adventure and a break from the heat!

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