Capture Sunshine Travels to Pismo Beach California

I was so excited to take a trip to California over this past week. I had a great time visiting with friends and family. During part of the trip we made our way to Pismo Beach, Ca. I love Pismo! It is one of the beaches we would go to as kids. There is something incredible about being near the ocean. Here are some fun things you must do when you visit Pismo.

Pismo beach 1

The main street down to the beach and pier.

Splash Cafe

Stop off at Splash cafe. Expect a line (that’s my cute Dad in the red shirt and jeans, handsome fella). The line usually wraps around the corner into the alley and you’ll have to wait for a seat. But the food is SO worth the wait. I love their seafood salad, it is loaded with a fresh seafood mixture of crab. So good. However, Splash is famous for their homemade bread bowels loaded with fresh clam chowder. Not into seafood, they have a wide variety of burgers, fries, onion rings, corn dogs, etc.

Walk the Pier_Pismo

After you’ve filled your belly with deliciousness, head down the street and walk the pier. Take a moment and enjoy the gorgeous view.

Salt Water Taffy

On your way back to the car stop off at Tomasko’s Salt Water Taffy shop and pick up some fresh salt water taffty or dipped caramel apple.

Avila Beach

If you have the time I highly recommend driving over to Avila beach, its a short 10-15 minute drive from Pismo. Avila is  a great little beach for boogie boarding, playing in the ocean, walking/playing in the sand or just catching some rays:).

What’s your favorite coastal vacation spot?



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