Homemade Tortilla Chips


Confession time. I LOVE chips and salsa. It may be an addiction. There is nothing worse than going to the cupboard to get a bag of chips to dunk into your delicious salsa and finding out you do not have any chips. The panic sets in. The tears well up in the eyes. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. But it is still a problem.

Don’t worry I have a solution. Make your own chips. It’s easy.

Here’s how…

You need – tortillas, oil spray, seasoning, and a ziploc bag.


step 1 – cut tortillas in triangles.

step 2 – put cut tortillas in ziploc bag

step 3 – spray with oil spray

step 4 – add seasoning salt

step 5 – seal the bag and shake

homemade tortilla bake and eat

step 6 – spread tortilla triangles, one layer think, on covered cooking sheet. If you are using foil, I suggest spraying the foil with cooking spray.

step 7 – set oven to broil. insert tray into oven. watch closely. once the chips begin to brown, remove from oven,flip each chip over.

return to oven. watch closely. remove when second side is toasty and brown.



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