Saguaro Lake: Butcher Jones Recreation Area

Butcher Jones Recreation Area

Last week I headed up to Saguaro Lake to the Butcher Jones recreation area with my family. The weather was a bit overcast which made for the perfect temperature. From where I live in south Scottsdale it was about a 40-45 minute drive to get there, which wasn’t too bad. This area is a perfect location for a day trip with kids and/or friends. The beach area wasn’t ideal, but with some towels and blankets it would be perfect. Right next to the beach area there is a walking trail that goes right along the lake. We didn’t get to go too far down it because we had a stroller. When Roxie does better walking longer distances we will attempt to go further down the trail. The trail just got too narrow for the jogging stroller.





Butcher Jones Recreation Area

All in all it’s a perfect location for a day trip. We didn’t plan to stay too long and we still enjoyed ourselves. There are some roads off of the main road that are for off road vehicles. My husband has a Jeep and I’m sure will be heading up there soon. If you love the lake environment, off roading, and easy hikes then this is the location for you. Just don’t forget to get your $6 parking pass before you get there.

After we left the Butcher Jones area we drove over to the marina. While driving around there we saw lots of people wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, etc. Maybe someday we’ll have a boat…

  lake04  Here I am at 28 weeks pregnant. lake06   lake09




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