Casa Grande Ruins

Casa Grande

In order to celebrate Earth Day and Free National Park Week, my daughter Roxie and I ventured down to Coolidge, AZ on Monday. We went to check out the Casa Grande Ruins. It was a delightful little trip that didn’t last too long and wasn’t too far away. The ruins were originally built in the 1300’s by the Hohokam natives.  The monument has a little visitor’s center with a twenty minute movie that shows every half hour. There is even a little kid’s corner with fun items for kids to touch.

Casa Grande Visitor's Center

Outside the ruins cover just over an acre of land. The casa grande is the main attraction, but there’s other things to see as well. It’s a great place to take kids because there is lots of room and space to run around. Even my one year old was happy wandering around.Casa Grande Ruins

If you head down there, be sure to head over to the picnic area before you leave to see the “ball court” and see all the little squirrels running around. If you can’t make it this week, have no fear, it’s only a $5 entrance fee.

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