Scottsdale Downtown’s Farmer’s Market


A couple of weeks ago Saundra and I headed to Old Town Scottsdale to check out the farmer’s market. We were both impressed with the wide variety of edible goodness there. We had the opportunity to try many different food items including (but not limited to) cheeses, hummus, dips, sauces, and pickled mushrooms and asparagus. As well as food to try there was also some great people watching. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more homemade items for sale, but I guess that’s normal for a farmer’s market.

Unfortunately I bought a bag of fresh oranges that were not very good, but my one year old didn’t seem to mind one bit. Both Saundra and I did, however, leave the market with beautiful spring flowers to decorate our homes. It was a perfect day for an outing and I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

*All photos taken by Saundra

market02     market08








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